Dr. Naisbitt was born in Salt Lake City to Val and Ed Dixon. His father died suddenly when David was four years old. His mother married John Naisbitt and the family moved to the Klamath Glenn in California. It was truly a Tom Sawyer life for David. He played with native Klamath Indian children and learned underwater basket weaving from their grandmothers on the banks of the Klamath River. He witnessed the destruction of the Redwood Forest and the once mighty Salmon runs on the Klamath River.

David showed special ability in music and science at an early age. Before the age of ten he was giving piano recitals and had built his own Newtonian telescope, dissected frogs and built motorized model airplanes.

At age fourteen David moved back to Salt Lake City. It took eight years to earn a degree in Business Management from the University of Utah, but it opened the door to the United States Air Force pilot training program at Randolph Field Texas. It had been his lifelong dream to fly jets in the Air Force. He graduated from undergraduate pilot training at the top of his class which allowed him to pick any aircraft he wanted. The C-141 Starlifter was his first choice. Over the next five years he flew combat missions in Viet Nam and routinely flew transoceanic flights to all parts of the free world.

One day in 1974 while pursuing his love of science he read an article in the New England Journal of Medicine about coral reefs made of hydroxyapatite. It described the material as new hope for replacing teeth and bone in humans. That changed the course of his life.

Dr Naisbitt resigned his commission in the Air Force and matriculated at the University of Puget Sound pre-dentistry program in the belief that this technology would be ready by the time he graduated. Shortly after earning his DMD degree from Oregon Health Sciences University, biocompatible titanium implants and synthetic bone were coming to market.

Taking advanced training from the PhD's and Oral Surgeons that developed the technology Dr. Naisbitt then developed his own successful procedures, improved techniques, including manufacturing his own custom milled and custom cast titanium implants.

Doctor Naisbitt has designed and built three practices specifically for implants and implant prosthetics. These practices were designed for people suffering from advanced dental disease, total masticatory dysfunction, and facial deformities related to loss of teeth and bone.

He created Direct Access Dental Implant Marketing which is the Gold Standard for dental implant marketing today. His Television, newspaper and international inflight magazine ads brought over 5000 patients from fourteen countries and thirty seven states.

Dr. Naisbitt plays Chopin Opus 25 No. 1
And Beethoven Moonlight Sonata

 Lieutenant Naisbitt USAF Air Training Command

Lieutenant Naisbitt piloting USAF T-38

Captain Naisbitt USAF C-141